Surip Beach Of Bani

Bani is a coastal town of Pangasinan. Its  overshadowed by its famous neighboring towns, Alaminos and Bolinao. Bani is a second class municipality known home of watermellon because for its sweets watermellon prodused and such as called “pakwan” (watermellon) capital of the Philippines.

Surip is located in Sitio Olanen in barangay Dacap Sur. The beach is around 30 – 45 minutes travel by the tricycle from Bani’s town proper.s2

Where to stay?… There are many beach resort when you wish to stay at surip namely Surip Mountain Beach Resort and Hide-Away Sea & Beach Resort. There are also cottage that you can rent .

Surip is rocky coastline on the western side of town facing the South China Sea. Surip beach is covered of coral beds, some of which have shallow openings and they called that “ baby pool “. During the low tide. This baby pool trap a small fishes and other marine life. It also serve as a swimming pool of the kids. But beware of sharp stone that you can hurt your foot.

Surip is a rocky coastline line. But it is good for swimming and snorkeling. And it is also a site for recreational fishing. You can actually saw some fishermen not too far away from the beach throwing their net  which prove that this area bounds with a marine life.

However, if you are looking an road – less traveled place in Pangasinan province when you can relax, appreciate nature, get a taste of splash of the sea waves and the joys of rural living, then the Surip in Bani would be a great option.surip1

It is also having a picturesque rock formation. You can also go on a wreck to explore to some hidden coves and natural pools (make sure to wear a sturdy footwear).

. For sunset lovers, you may want to watch the sky turns pink and this place is just so peaceful. It’s a perfect getaway if one wants to relax and have a quiet moment for a while…


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