Samal Island

samal_FotorAccording to Samal is the beach of Davao City. Only ten minutes away by ferry from the fast growing town. If you are sick of shopping malls and traffic, noise and pollution, come and relax on the little island with almst 80, 000 friendly people. Don’t looking for city life; this is the country side of Davao. Life is leisured. Instead of taxis is the useful vehicles on islands a habal-habal (motorcycle.)

s3_FotorLeisure is not the same like boring. You can join many activities from mountain climbing to diving in colorful coral reef. Or kayaking on the coast line. After some activities you can relax in one of over 70 results or on natural beaches, mostly left in back side of Samal.

Nestled in the coast of Davao Gulf in Southern images (1)_FotorPhilippines, you have all the time in the world to choose from more than 70 resorts dotted around the island showcasing access to fine-looking white sand beaches, clear azure waters and diverse accommodation choices. More often than not, the setting of the place that we are bound to explore has a strong bearing on our entire vacation experience. So if you’re looking for a place somewhere in Davao that is worthy of your time and money, then Samal is your perfect escape. A charming haven- an island, a garden and a metropolitan all rolled into one, Island Garden City of Samal takes pride of its teeming wildlife, stunning waterfalls, awe-inspiring caverns and scenic underwater sanctuaries. With such great fusion of tourist attractions, Samal has been dubbed as a region for tourism wellness.

In leisure hectic schedule at spur of the moment Samal Island is preferred getaway for the family and friends. Its white sand beach as well as its surroundings are combined and cleaned throughout the day giving pure and clean ambiance for its visitors.


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