Tondol Beach

The little Boracay of the North it is located at Anda Pangasinan specifically at the Barangay Tondol. How to get in Tondol Beach. Manila to Anda go to the terminal bus in Cubao look for the 5 star bus it’s the only bus going straight go to Anda. The fare one way is 454 pesos it is 5-6 hours ride. When you arrive at the town of Anda you can rent a tricycle to go to Tondol beach. For the private vehicle you can go straight to Tondol beach. Alaminos to Anda, Bani, Bolinao then Anda. When you enter to the Bolinao marker it is 15-20 minutse until reach the Tara Bolinao you can see a sign to Anda you can turn right. It’s another 15-20 minutes ride to Anda town proper. Passing through to Catubig Bolinao to Anda bridge where in the island is connected to the mainland of Pangasinan. When you arrive at the Town proper the take the detour road to Sablig. Just follow the cemented road in then you can see a sign go to Tondol Beach it is 20-25 minutes ride approximately by a car.
What makes Tondol unique is its long, shallow nature. Tondol White Sand Beach it’s perfect get away with your friends and family when you want to relax. There is an island – Tanduyong – almost a kilometer away which can be reached on foot during low tide. There is a considerable amount of marine life besides the starfish and crabs on the shallow beach. The clear blue skies and the crystal clear waters were just wonderful. I can say that the powdery white sand Of Tondol Beach Is one of the best in Luzon

The entrance fee is just 5 pesos no parking fee. The cottage is 300 to 500 pesos if you want overnight there are many resort you can stay like the Sarmiento Beach House, Tondol White Sand Hotel and Reastaurant, Sunrise Grande Resort, JCT Beach Resort, Tondol White Sand Beach All resorts are nice to stay at with a wide variety of accommodations.
Travel tips.
The best time to visit the Tondol Beach is summer where the sky is blue the water is clear like a crystal diamond and does not have as much debris (most of it biodegrable anyway) as during rainy months. Perfect for taking a picture selfie and groupie with your friends and love ones that you can keep as treasure memories. As the many blogger says the best time also to enjoy Tondol Beach is during low tide.


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